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(30 servings)

75 EUR

  • Explore a simple solution for a complete diet. 30 servings for daily consumption, which replace the entire range of vitamins and useful supplements. One serving of Greespi daily is the minimum the body needs for the balanced functioning of all systems. Positive impact on your skin, nails, hair and well-being thanks to the richness of vitamins, proteins and micro/macro elements.

  • A complete set of nutrients which your body needs

  • 14 grams of vegetable complete protein (with B12) per 1 serving

  • Created on the basis of microalgae, it contains a complex of vitamins of groups A, B, C and E.

  • 100% environmentally friendly. Contains no soy, preservatives, yeast, sweeteners or stabilizers.

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Organic product

Body recovery

Discover the easiest way to eat a balanced diet - Greespi. Just add it to your usual breakfast, lunch or dinner. One serving a day will saturate your body with the right amount of nutrients. This is the easiest way to give your body everything it needs.

The gentle and systematic effect of Greespi on the body is manifested in increased energy levels, improved health and digestion.

Take care of yourself with ease.

Store the product in the freezer. A portion or several portions should be thawed before use. For preparation, it is enough to stir the contents of one sachet in a glass of clean water at room temperature. We recommend drinking the finished cocktail immediately after preparation.

You can enjoy our functional food product at any time of the day that best suits your daily routine. We recommend using Greespi twice a day for 1-3 servings per serving.

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Everyday protection

Drinking Greespi cleanses the body of toxins, fungi and viruses. Greespi also boosts your immune system, reducing the risk of disease. As a result, your body can easily resist viruses and bacteria that attack the immune system on a daily basis.

Rectangle human product

Balance and recovery

Grespi contains very important bioactive pigments that stimulate the recovery process of various systems in your body. Daily long-term use of Grespi accelerates regeneration (in case of cuts or injuries), balances the functioning of important body systems (well-being) and promotes rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Everyday safety

Shake and drink

Greespi is delivered to you frozen in a heat-protected box, which will contain a certain number of servings (30, 60, 90 or more) depending on your order. Greespi should be stored in your refrigerator freezer. This is very important, because the product does not contain any preservatives or stabilizers (as they are harmful to your health). When it is time to take it (it can be any time convenient for you in the middle of the day), take out one sachet of Greespi and leave it in a glass of water (closed) for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, remove from the glass, open the sachet, squeeze the contents into a clean cup and dilute with cool water. Stir until smooth and drink.

Product eco
Product convenient

Nature protection

Every time you choose Greespi, you are contributing to a better environment. The fact is that the production of Greespi is carbon neutral. Moreover, the process of creating Greespi consumes carbon and produces oxygen. Therefore, by taking care of your body, you automatically take care of the environment.